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Hunan normal university school of medicine, originated in 1911, American Dr I established xiangya nurse-patient school, after school for nurses in hunan province health worker medical health school, hunan province, hunan province, hunan medical college and other important period. In November 2002, approved by the national ministry of education into the national "211 project" key university of hunan normal university, hunan normal university school of medicine.

College now covers the basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, medical technology, nursing, pharmacy and so on six first-level discipline, with clinical medicine, preventive medicine, medical inspection technology, nursing, pharmacy five undergraduate majors. The medical inspection technology, pharmaceutical specialty is characteristic in hunan province colleges and universities. Existing full-time undergraduate 3000 people, Dr., master graduate student 300 people, over 120 students. 116 people full-time teachers, including 23 professors, associate professor of 37 people, has a doctorate in teachers was 40%. Affiliated hospital have a positive, associate professor of more than 500 people. Also hired a group of famous domestic and foreign experts and scholars as part-time professor of the college, guest professor.

Based medical college with hunan province "five-year" key disciplines, applied statistics, physiology two doctoral degree; Basic medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, master's degree program is three level of discipline; Epidemiology and health statistics, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis three master's degree program is the secondary discipline. Clinical medical disciplines into the ESI global ranks in the top 1%.

College of medicine basic experiment center for the provincial level demonstration laboratory, laboratory area of 3000 square meters, equipment worth more than 1500 ten thousand yuan, and meet the national standards of laboratory animal. Established, applied physiology, molecular biology, parasites, epidemiology, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular pharmacology of Chinese and western medicine combined with kidney disease, epidemiology and so on seven genome research and drug engineering field key laboratory. Clinical skills training center has 2500 square meters, equipment worth more than 1800 1800 yuan. College has more than 160000 books medical and digital books more than 740000 copies. "Journal of hunan normal university (medical edition)" to "the core source of statistical journal of science and technology in China".

College teachers and students around the health of major national and regional economic and social development, actively carry out scientific research. Nearly five years, 19 national natural science fund projects, and the 863 plan, the natural science foundation of hunan province 200 key projects such as research subjects, research of more than 2000 ten thousand yuan. Hunan province natural science prize for 3 times, 4 items of science and technology progress prize of hunan province, hunan province medical science 3 items. In academic journals published more than 500 papers at home and abroad, by SCI, EI, included more than 100, applied for 12 national invention patents, authorized 6 items, to realize the scientific research achievements transformation six.

College in hunan normal university "benevolence, love, pure, frequently" the school motto of spirit, school quality is increasing day by day. Our hospital is the first batch of the ministry of education approved by the ministry of health "excellent doctor education training plan" pilot colleges and universities. In recent years, vigorously promote the teaching reform of education, school of effective, clinical medical professional basic course teaching team to become a provincial teaching team, physiology, diagnostics, epidemiology and health statistics for the provincial excellent courses, and teaching achievement prizes at the provincial level 2 and a batch of excellent teaching achievement prizes at the school.

In recent years, our students gain 50 a number of national and provincial college students' innovation project, in the national higher school of medicine in clinical skills contest, won the first prize in central China division 2, 1 item of the national finals second prize and third prize; In the national college students "challenge cup" business plan and extracurricular academic science and technology competition, won the first prize in national third prize in item 2, item 1, 2 provincial prizes. Every graduate one-time employment rate is more than 95%. Online graduate one's deceased father grind rate and practitioners examination pass rate stay at a higher level, nearly three years and partial one's deceased father grind total online rate more than 57%, including clinical medicine professional online one's deceased father grind rate is above 80%; For nearly three years graduates examination of medical practitioners always pass rate nearly 80%, nearly 20% more than the national average respectively.

Has 7 affiliated hospital of our school, the first affiliated hospital (people's hospital of hunan province), the second affiliated hospital, the people's liberation army 163 hospital), southern hunan hospital affiliated hospital (the people's liberation army 169 hospital) is the third rate, which affiliated hospital, affiliated hospital of changsha (changsha city four hospitals), yueyang hospital affiliated (yueyang city second people's hospital), zhangjiajie hospital affiliated (zhangjiajie people's hospital) is a tertiary hospital.

Institute is pursuing a "administering education according to experts, academic xing courtyard" concept, to build brand, create characteristic, vigorously strengthen discipline construction, enhance the school level, working towards the first-class medical school goals.

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